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Today, with the aim of earning myself some Amazon vouchers, I filled out an incredibly long survey about gas and electricity companies. For one of the questions, they presented various names of said companies and asked if I had heard the brand mentioned positively a lot in blogs recently. Which made me wonder: do that many people really blog about energy companies? Surely it's a bit niche? If your blog is about eco-friendly matters and you want to reccomend a particularly green-sympathetic company, or if you have a bad experience with one of them and want to warn away your blog readers; these are the only examples I can think of. Is anyone here a reader of any blogs about energy companies? I'm genuinely curious.


How beautiful is this photo? . It is a lady named Loie Fuller, who apparently was a very popular dancer in the the late 19th century, and is famous for pioneering the use of coloured lighting in performance. In this picture she is performing her now oft-imitated Serpentine dance. It's a lovely piece, though to my uneducated eye, it doesn't  look very snake-like to me; the photo above looks more swan-like, with gracefully arcing wings. Or perhaps butterfly or moth, mid-flight. No?


Hot-pants update: Following my adventures with home-made tiny shorts a few weeks ago, I am now fixated with finding a high-waisted, nautical-ish pair, for when I am pretending to be a 1920's chorus girl. Ebay is surprisingly devoid of them, though the Miss Selfridge website has several variations on the theme, all for around £30. Now all I need to do is find some steady employment to fund this potential acquisition (as opposed to "working" for the flakiest free-lance market research company in London).
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