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Finally finished watching Bellevous Rendez Vous last night, which some helpful soul has uploaded on to youtube in 5 minute segments. There seems to have been a lot of critisism floating around that it was too thin on plot to be genuinely satisfying. While the plot is rather sparse, I got so swept up in the artwork and music and general wonky charm of it all, that I hadn;t really noticed, and when I did notice, I didn't really care. If anything, it was an advantage in the sense that it allowed the entire thing to unfold with next-to-no dialogue, which I found quite impressive. And I thoroughly enjoyed the ludicrous car-chase at the end. Highly reccomeneded.

One of the highlights of last week was taking [ profile] augstone to Hamleys toyshop, with the intention of buying a gift for his new-born niece. Hamleys is one of those shops that often doesn't feel much like a shop at all; more like some massive childrens'  birthday party, held in a circus, set up by over-idugent parents for whom money is no object, that has swiftly spiraled beyond control in a whirling dervish of facepaint and e-numbers, (like the first day of the sales in the Oxford Street branch of Topshop, but even more noisy and about 4 times as colourful). Indeed, before we had arrived, I was worried it wouldn't be the sensory overload I had recalled, and that I had talked it up too much and that Aug would be unimpressed. I needen't have feared; if anything it was even more of a hullabaloo. I generally don't like it when shops try to make themselves into an "experience", but I've always found the magicians, bubble machines, drummers, face painters, etc etc etc quite charming. I think Aug did too, and he seemed rather charmed by both the adorable cuddly elephant we found for the niece, and the large floor keyboard thing (where, endearingly, he proceeded to play his own hits), but I think he lost interest when I got distracted by the FurReal cats...

Despite my determined attempts otherwise, it has not failed to escape my notice that I am due to turn 23 at the start of next month. Which I know isn't that old in the grand scheme of things, but it is still the oldest I'll ever been, and thus slightly alarming. Anyone who isn't camping at Offset festival is welcome to come celebrate with me at GlamRacket at the lexington on Saturday the 4th (where I will also be doing a dj set- expcet lots of Ricki Wilde). And if any of you generous people want to help soften the blow of aging, my Amazon wishlist can be found here: . It essentially boils down to two main componants: cds of gay disco, and books about jazz-age prostitutes...

Date: 2010-08-17 09:03 am (UTC)
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The last time I went to Hamleys it was December, and I was obliged to send the text 'This ain't Christmas shopping - this is genocide!'

Date: 2010-08-17 08:56 pm (UTC)
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just checking your wishlist : ) you don't have 'crossing the red sea with the adverts'?! i do, if you need it...


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