Feb. 16th, 2010

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Today I have:
-made a phone call to a friend to congratulate and offer support to to a friend who is going to see a doctor about a long-term health issue
- done some high speed dancing (including some bouncy cheerleader-esque posing with imaginary pompoms) to some of my dj-ing mix cds (Jogging by Yelle, Celebrity Skin by Hole, D.A.N.C.E by Justice and Spell-bound by Siouxsie induced particularly exerting moves)
- read a couple of chapters of a book that will hopefully teach me how to draw (well)
-had a shouty argument with mum about university-related things (don't ask)
-had another phone call from a friend who is back from uni for reading week  and wants to make pancakes with me this evening
-read some blogs.

None of these have been particularly physically strenuous activities (apart form the high-speed dancing, which did leave me rather sweaty and out of breath), but I feel utterly exhausted. I often wonder if I suffer from a mild form of ME, such is puny-ness of my energy levels, but doctor's tests say that's not the cause. I also harbour a sneaking envy for those I know who can go out 3, 4, or even 5 nights on the trot, when going out for even two nights in a row leaves me utterly wiped-out. Also, though I love going out dancing till the early hours, the resulting lack of sleep completely fucks my moods for a good 48 hours afterwards and brings on all kinds of sneaky angst (by the way, don't take this as me saying I no longer want to go out- I still most definitely do). Does anyone else experience this? I may only be 22, but clearly my body thinks it's someone much, much older.

I'm now lying on my bed, conserving energy for pancaking tonight (what's your favourite pancake? give me ideas!), listening to Air's back catalogue on spotify. Good old Air, Cherry Blossom Girl is still one of my favourite relaxing songs. Ahhh.


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