Jan. 21st, 2010

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Job interview tomorrow. Wish me good luck, etc. It's for a part-time (probably only one day a week) position of "disability advisor" at a local charity, where I have been volunteering as a "trainee advisor" since last September. The charity are struggling hugely for funding (which is provided entirely by the council and may stop in a few months time), hence why the hours are so few. It does pay £13 per hour, though, so if I do get it, it will be the best paid job (aside from dominatrixing) I've ever had, not to mention the first that actually feels like a "proper" job. I doubt I'll get it- I don't have a huge amount of experience and I'm sure there will be other volunteers applying for it with far more knowledge than I have- but it is nice to get through to the interview stage. Of course, I may get the job, only for the charity to run out of funding and close down a few months later. It will be a real shame if it does close, as that would severely limit the options and help available to local disabled, and we're such a widely used service, we're struggling to cope with the demand as it is. But, if the council don't want to pay, there's little we can do :-/

In the meantime, I am slowly paying off my over draft by way of a tele-market-researcher (is that too many hyphens?) job. The money isn't amazing and the hours are sporadic (it's a freelance company), but the people all seem nice enough, and my supervisor is a fantastic Debbie Harry lookalike who was briefly a singer in Girlschool and went on tour with Motorhead, which is interesting. Quite a leap to go form that to working in market research, though.

New series of Skins starts next week, huzzah. The girls who play Naomi and Emily are on the cover of the most recent issue of Diva magazine, looking very tousled and attractive. Also, the accompanying interview says that Lily Lovelace (the Naomi actress) is now 19, which makes me feel far less creepy and cradle-snatchy for fancying (even though she plays a 17 year-old).


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